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Liquid carbon, carbon-glass beads, and the crystallization of carbon nanotubes
Walt A. de Heer, P. Poncharal, C. Berger, J. Gezo, Z. Song, J. Bettini, D Ugarte Science 307 ,907 (2005).

Comment on Geometrical Dependence of High-Bias Current in Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes
W. A. de Heer, P. Poncharal, and C. Berger Phys. Rev. Lett. 93, 259701 (2004).

Nanotubes and the pursuit of applications
W.A. de Heer, MRS Bulletin 29, 281 (2004).

Ballistic conduction in multiwalled carbon nanotubes
C. Berger, P. Poncharal, Y. Yi, W. de Heer J. Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 3, 171 (2003).

Contacts, non-linear transport effects and failure in multiwalled carbon nanotubes
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Room temperature ballistic conduction in carbon nanotubes
P. Poncharal, C. Berger, Y. Yi, Z. L Wang, W. A. de Heer J. Phys. Chem B 106, 12104 (2002). [arXiv]

Carbon nanotubes - Structure and transport in nanotubes
W.A. de Heer, Nature Materials 1, 153 (2002).

Carbon Nanotubes--the Route Toward Applications
R.H. Baughman, A.A. Zakhidov, and W.A. de Heer, Science,297, 787-792, (2002).

Multiwalled carbon nanotubes are ballistic conductors at room temperature
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In situ imaging of field emission from individual carbon nanotubes and their structural damage
Z.L. Wang, R.P. Gao, W.A. de Heer, P. Poncharal, Applied Physics Letters 80, no.5, 856-8 (2002).

A new approach towards property nanomeasurements using in-situ TEM
Z.L. Wang, P. Poncharal, W.A. de Heer, Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings, 589, 217-22 (2001).

Mechanical and electrostatic properties of carbon nanotubes and nanowires
Z.L. Wang, R.P. Gao, P. Poncharal,W.A. de Heer, Z.R. Dai, Z.W. Pan, Biomimetic and Supramolecular Systems, C16, no.1-2, 3-10 (2001).

A Question of Dimensions
W.A. de Heer, Science 289, 1702-1703 (2000).

Measuring physical and mechanical properties of individual carbon nanotubes by in situ TEM
Z.L. Wang, P. Poncharal, W.A. de Heer, Journal of the Physics and Chemistry of Solids 61, no.7, 1025-30 (2000).

Industry sizes up nanotubes
W.A. de Heer, R. Martel, Physics World 13, no.6, 49-53 (2000).

Nanomechanics of individual carbon nanotubes from pyrolytically grown arrays
R. Gao, Z.L. Wang, A. Zhigang, W.A.de Heer, L. Dai, M. Gao, Physical Review Letters 85, no.3, 622-5(2000).

Nanomeasurements in transmission electron microscopy
W.A. de Heer, Microscopy and Microanalysis 6 no.3, 224-30 ( 2000).

Electrostatic deflections and electromechanical resonances of carbon nanotubes
P. Poncharal, Z.L.Wang, D. Ugarte, W. A. de Heer Science 283, 1513 (1999).

Field Emission from Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Films
J. M. Bonard, J. P. Salvetat, T. Stockli, W. A. de Heer, and A. Chatelain, Appl. Phys. Lett. 73, 918-920 (1998). [arXiv]

Filling Carbon Nanotubes
D. Ugarte, T. Stockli, J. M. Bonard, A. Chatelain, and W. A. de Heer, Appl. Phys. A-Materials 67, 101-105 (1998).

Field Emission Properties of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes
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Field-Emission-Induced Luminescence from Carbon Nanotubes
J. M. Bonard, T. Stockli, F. Maier, W. A. de Heer, A. Chatelain, J. P. Salvetat, and L. Forro, Phys. Rev. Lett. 81,441-444 (1998).

Carbon Nanotube Quantum Resistors
S. Frank, P. Poncharal, Z. L. Wang, and W. A. de Heer, Science 280, 1744-1746 (1998).

Carbon nanotube quantum conductors
S. Frank, P. Poncharal, Z. L. Wang, W. A. de Heer Science 280, 1744 (1998).


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and yet it is the most precious thing we have." - Einstein

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