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December 1, 2011
The France-Atlanta workshop Graphene: Taking Electronics Beyond Silicon was held at Georgia Tech. This included a visit and talks from distinguised guest and Nobel laureate Albert Fert.

October 27, 2011
The third international symposium on the Science and Technology of Epitaxial Graphene (STEG 3) was held in lovely St. Augustine, Florida, Oct. 24th-27th, 2011. The workshop covered the gamut of epitaxial graphene on silicon carbide topics: surface science and growth, transport, optical properties, chemistry, devices and theory, with 130 intertanial participants in attendance. Click here for the rest of the details.

July 27, 2011
Walt de Heer is awarded the first Utz-Hellmuth Felcht award. This award is given to people having shown outstanding scientific and technological contributions in the field of carbon and ceramic materials.

Walt de Heer wins the 2010 MRS Medal "For his pioneering contributions to the science and technology of epitaxial graphene."

Spotlight by Scientific American.

In the press, as of October 12, 2010:
Science Magazine News, Semiconductor Today, R&D Magazine, Science Daily, Next Big Future, Lab Spaces, EurekAlert!, NewsWise, Electronics Weekly, Technobahn, Nano Patents and Innovations, Scientific Computing,, ECN,, redOrbit, New Design World, Nanotechnology Now, AZoM News, Fars News Agency

From Georgia Tech, as of October 12, 2010:
GT news, GT Research News, GT NanoTech

Recently published in Science 328, 1373 (2010), our collaboration with Elisa Riedo (Georgia Tech) and P. Sheehan (NRL), together with Seth Marder (Georgia Tech) and Bill King (Univ Illinois), on Epitaxial graphene oxide used a simple and quick one-step process based on thermochemical nanolithography (TCNL) for creating nanowires, tuning the electronic properties of reduced graphene oxide on the nanoscale and thereby allowing it to switch from being an insulating material to a conducting material. Georgia Tech has press coverage of the article, along with several other online science media outlets.

Work by our collaborators Dong Sun and Ted Norris from the University of Michigan on our epitaxial graphene C-face sample to be highlighted in Nature Photonics.

Half Integer Quantum Hall Effect in High Mobility Single Layer Epitaxial Graphene has been selected for the Mag Lab Reports science highlights issue.

Soleil Synchrotron recognizes the promise of multilayer epitaxial graphene. - Soleil Synchrotron News

Georgia Tech is awarded a grant to create MRSEC Center focused on epitaxial graphene. An additional article can be found on Semiconductor International. The center's website can be found here.

W.M. Keck Foundation awards our group a grant, "To develop nanopatterened epitaxial graphene electronic devices that work at room temperature."

Our group is featured in MIT Technology Review's list of the 10 most exciting technologies of 2008.

Move Over Nanotube, Here Comes Graphene - Scientific American article on graphene: "The next big thing in nanotech is right under your pencil."

Thin Carbon Is In - New York Times article on graphene.

Scientific American Top 50 - Our group is featured in Scientific American's top fifty trends in research.

Graphene provides foundation for new devices - discusses our group's work.

The New Silicon? - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Graphene Eyed As The Next Big Thing In Carbon-Based Electronics - Chemical & Engineering News

Nanotubes, flattened, create carbon films - EE Times

Pencils point way to novel nanocircuits - Machine Design

Circuits with wavelike electrons - R&D Magazine

"... all our science, measured against reality, is primitive and childlike –
and yet it is the most precious thing we have." - Einstein

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